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Out of School Club


Happy Days offer extended day care for your children from the end of the school day until 6.00pm for children aged 3+ years.


Happy Days Out of School clubs are designed to ensure that children are able to relax and have fun with their friends, taking advantage of the many resources that we have to offer, which include a daily craft activity, computer and games consoles with latest games (Cool Kids only) and board games. We make full use of our outdoor space (weather permitting).


Before School ('Early Birds')


Happy Days is open from 8.00 am in the morning to allow you to drop off your child safe in the knowledge that they will be eased gently into the day ahead and taken safely to school on time.


The children are escorted to school by a member of staff, who ensures that the reception and year 1 children enter the school building and the older children go into the playground where they wait for the bell to be rung.

A healthy breakfast of cereal and toast will be available until 8.30am.


'Mini Kids' and 'Cool Kids' After School Club


Happy Days offer extended day care for your children from the end of the school day until 6.00pm.


After a long day at school, it is our intention to allow the children to feel at home in a fun, safe environment, where we offer a range of age appropriate activities with lots of choice, creating many opportunities for fun and social interaction. The staff will direct activities and join in games where needed and are constantly vigilant as to the needs of the children. We make full use of our outdoor space (weather permitting).


At Jubilee Walk staff wait inside the school building to collect Key Stage I children before walking them back to the Happy Days building via the playground. Key Stage II children check in to a member of Happy Days staff waiting in the playground before making their own way across to the Happy Days building.


At Hermitage Drive a member of staff waits at school with a register and our Key Stage I children are handed over by their teacher.  Our Key Stage II children make their own way to the Happy Days building. A register is taken upon arrival.


Children do NOT leave the school gates on making their way to us. A register is once again taken when they arrive at Happy Days.


A healthy varied snack is offered to all children when they arrive at Happy Days.

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  • What are people saying about our Out Of School Clubs...?

    "Both of my sons attended Happy Days as pre-schoolers and since I was so pleased with the quality of care they received I had no hesitation in deciding this was the best facility for their after school care too.

    It’s a huge bonus having the facility within the school grounds as I feel confident my sons can make the short journey from school into the after school club safely and quickly. The generous space Happy Days operate within and the fact they can easily segregate the younger children from the older ones means my boys have ample space to play and run their energy off with children of a similar age.

    They never tire of the play equipment which has been thoughtfully designed with the target age in mind; den building, climbing, dressing up, baking and building are all encouraged and catered for. My elder son is thrilled that he also gets the opportunity to have controlled time playing on the Xbox too! The staff fully participate in activities with the children which may involve football practice or quiet time doing crafts.

     Whatever they may be doing my children are often reluctant to stop when I arrive to collect them which for me, is a very reassuring sign of a happy environment."

    J. Marsden