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After initial registration the parents and child are invited to our two ‘stay and play’ sessions. This is approximately for one hour and a half allowing the child to become familiar with the setting and the staff and the parents are given extensive information about the setting and the EYFS. During the second stay and play session we encourage parents to leave their child for a short time, but don’t insist on this.  Parents are asked to complete an ‘all about me’ booklet giving the staff information about the child to help the transition and future planning.


We have an ‘Open Door’ policy and parents are welcome to ‘pop in’ at any time or contact us by phone if they want any information about their child.  Parents are also given a ‘Healthy Lunch Box’ leaflet together with lunch box ideas and we have a Healthy Eating policy. Children are given lots of praise and encouragement and are given stickers to promote confidence.

We allow the child to settle in and during this time parents are encouraged to share any information from home, be it about the family, a family pet, favourite things etc. Staff continually talk with parents informally on a regular basis. Children may bring in a comforter to help them settle. If a child is finding it hard to settle, we work with the parent to come up with a different strategy. The child’s Key Person will arrange a home visit to play at your child’s house, or arrange a visit to the park with the child and his/her carer to build on the Key Person relationship.  If a child has requirements that are not available we will make any reasonable adjustments necessary to accommodate them.

Transition from Twinkles into Stars and Sunbeams


As the children move from the Twinkle room to become a Star or Sunbeam, our staff spends time ‘handing over’ to the child’s next Key Person.  We plan sessions for the children to visit the Stars and Sunbeams room, not only to get to know the staff (who they are already familiar with), but to become familiar with their new surroundings.  Parents are introduced to their child’s new Key Person before the end of the year.


We have a ‘Come and See’ evening at the beginning of the Spring Term which is a time for parents to look at our resources and speak to your child’s Key Person should they wish.  For working parents it’s not always easy to spend time at ‘drop off’, so this is an opportunity for both parents to get a first-hand insight into what their child gets up to whilst he/she is with us!


Transition to School

At Happy Days the transition to school is totally seamless for the children due to our wonderful locations.  Children are prepared for their transition to reception class or other Early Year’s settings in a variety of ways. We encourage independence within our setting to make the transition to school easier, e.g. putting on their own coats, shoes, dealing with their own personal hygiene etc. Staff from other settings or schools are invited to come and meet the child in our setting, when we share the child’s learning journey with them and generally have a chat. We complete a transition document which is given to the new setting giving information about the child, their developmental tracker, information or comments from the parents. We plan PE sessions prior to their transition and encourage children to get changed into their PE kit! We offer a variety of activities and stories to support their transition.